A Message About Love

A Message About Love

The greatest compliment another person can ever give is for you to somehow know that you are happily thought of at a time when there’s nothing that calls for your presence by either necessity or usefulness… simply that a thought of you has hold of their attention while they have a worlds worth of other things going on…

That is a gift of greater value than anything else in the universe… Because it is not only a gift of their time. It is a gift of their heart in a way that says “you are part of my life. Part of me is yours.”

Nothing is more powerful than knowing that you have earned a positive place in the considerations of their thoughts.

A text out of the blue… An “I love you”, “I miss you”, “thinking of you”, or even so much as a “good morning” all say this just as much as a surprise present or a planned night out.

When these thing happen often, you know that you are not only loved, but that you are important to that person. You are important to them every day. You matter to them.

Its one of the great undiscussed secrets of love between any 2 people, whether it be family, friend or lover… That those who love you do not require an outside reminder or sign in order for you to cross their mind… Because even in your absence, you live forever in their heart. Its a powerful message, too often ignored.

The flip side of this is that the opposite of love can occupy this same territory. That an act of inconsideration, a lack of needed sympathy,  a worry, a stress or a word of discouragement can just as easily fill that space and demand our attentions, stealing away the joy from our lives, living as a darkness in our hearts that is hard to dispel.

Whichever acknowledgement fills the greater space, will influence how you feel about yourself. That is why it matters. That is why it is so vital to let someone know that your thoughts are with them… Because to know that one is loved, is to cast out that darkness and shine light upon their path.

Love if known and assured is the greatest medicine. It is the great healing power that God graces us to bestow as his instruments on earth. It can dispel grief, pain, stress, worry, fear, doubt, anger and all other darkness of the heart and mind. If these things still reside within a person, then they have experienced a lack of love that has filled too great a space for too long a time… The answer is simple. Increase the dosage, and continue treatment.

And for those who find themselves lacking, those who have been neglected or abused by man… There is still hope in faith… For the love of God is infinite, and we are always in his thoughts, if only we can see the ways in which he shows us those same things… Whether it be a view of a rainbow, a quiet moment of clarity, or a silly lizard who lives in our windowsill and makes us laugh… He tells us too. “Good morning” “I love you” “You were on my mind”… So that when we are filled, we may continue to pass this gift on to others in new ways, in his name.


I offer this prayer for any married or partnered individual who may find cause to use it.

“I hope I do my part in this life. I hope that I serve well in extending my love always. So that our relationship and ultimately our marriage will always glorify the purpose of divinity by demonstration of its most wonderful gift, the capacity to love, care for and ultimately dispel the darkness from each other so that we may know the blessings of life and feel gratitude to God in knowing that all of this is made possible by the grace he bestows. The love that he has given us to share”

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