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A Magic Potion to Cure Cancer in 2 days: Dandelion Tea

Great news for the ones suffering from cancer and the ones whose loved ones are cancer patients!

Scientists have come up with a magic potion that can cure cancer in just 2 days!

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Yes! You read it right. Just 2 days.

The magic potion is ‘Dandelion tea.’ Known for its medicinal properties, dandelion has been used by many to cure a lot of ailments.

A team of the researchers University of Windsor, Canada, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry found out that the roots of dandelion can take out a tumour and protect the remaining healthy cells. It takes only 2 days to work.

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Consuming dandelion tea too helps in curing the cancerous tumours in 2 days.

72-year old John DiCarlo has first-hand experience as he was treating his cancer over a month and after consuming dandelion tea, he got cured.

Dandelion works a lot better than chemo. It is not only fast but also has no side-effects. Scientists are conducting further research on this.

See in this video, how to make Dandelion Tea

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A Magic Potion to Cure Cancer in 2 days Dandelion Tea


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