A Love Like That – Mind Talk

A Love Like That - Mind Talk

They:  Have you fallen in love ever?

Me:  Yes.

They:  What kind of love?


The love that teaches you to love for the first ever time.

The love that surrounds you everywhere you go or whatever you do.

The love that goes effortless when you need it to fight for you.

The love that does not shake you enough to shed your guilt to get together.

The love that did not reach you breaking the walls you built around yourself.

The love that never left your heart at any point in life.

The love that includes openly hurting.

The love that is no less than a rollercoaster ride:that has given you
bags full of happiness as well as pool of sorrows.

The love that connects your hearts forever but does not give the
luxury of being together.

The love that takes you to the time when they meant world to you each time you see them.

The love that pinches your heart each time you feel them in pain.

The love that gives you a moment of joy each time you find they are happy.

The love that however times you ignore never fails to show up in life.

The love that leaves a bucket full of unfulfilled wishes in your heart.

The love that you can be sure of at any point in life that it still exists.

The love that will always be so fresh in memory that it can make you
relive each and everything exactly as you once lived with them.

The love that is above judging for all the stupidity, mistakes or the
times you went wrong.

The love that  admires and adores their original self.

The love that gave you once in a lifetime person.

The love that you always wanted but never had courage to play hard for it.

The love that makes you feel lucky for it happened to you.

The love for which you will thank God for lifetime.

It is the kind of love that can never happen again. Yes, a love like that.



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