A Lost Friendship!

A Lost Friendship

In the beginning, they were strangers, Behaving as if both were staying away from danger.

With the passage of time, a sparkle ignited in the hearts, An unwavering attraction towards each other it imparts. Smiles and blushes were always on their faces, Whatever come may, others seeing them recall of God graces. Unknowingly, an unseen bond was created between the two, If one is not there, the other one fills the missing one’s shoe.

Time will fly swiftly, which both friends didn’t know, Test of their bond, began in their lives out of the blue. Having innocence in their hearts, they kept going on, An event on a fateful day, ceased them to get on.

Day by day, the bond of friendship started to wither away, Young and tender minds of theirs got easily swayed. Ignorance on their parts ruined a beautiful friendship, As fools, allowing others to interfere in their holy blendship. On the final meeting, both were sitting and staring into emptiness, Had to say a lot, but remained silent to collect the beauty in their friendliness.

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