You and I have thoughts. It’s a natural part of being human. We learned English (or whatever primary language) and our thoughts are typically colored in that language. If I look at the sunset, I might think “man, that’s beautiful” – if I stub my toe I might think “fuck, that hurt” – if I’m doing math in my head, I’m thinking of the English words for “twenty one”, “divided by” and “equals 

Almost all of my thinking happens in English (I also happen to speak Farsi). My dreaming happens in English. My inner dialogue, for the most part, is in English.

BUT, what about for someone who is deaf/mute? They’ve never heard any language..ever. What structure does the thinking take form in inside their head? Really…think about it. If they learned sign language, do they think in signs? Or if not, do they think on more of an instinctual level? Just pure awareness??

I would be so interested in experiencing life without language and without words defining everything around me.

Just late night thoughts..

Thought By

– The Round Trip of Infinity (tumblr)

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