A Letter To My Younger Self

A letter to my younger self

Have you ever caught yourself thinking what would you say to your past self? I know I did. And trust me, not just once. But that was back then when I believed everyone else`s opinion was more important than mine. Now I can say I`am at peace with myself. And with everyone else too, even the ones that did me wrong. As the only way to get closer to a happy person, is to forgive but not to forget. 


But things weren`t always as clear as now. It took me almost 28 years to become who I am now and despite the fact that we never stop growing as a person and we never become an integral whole really, I can honestly say I`ve figured most of it out – not everything, of course, I hope I never figure out everything (that would be scary and boring as hell at the same time), but at least the things that make every day life a bit easier. The things that matter. I guess that`s just for starters.

Things I would like to say to my younger self;

1. You are probably something like 18 years old now. You`ll start dating soon and worrying about who will be the first one to break your heart. Darling, it`s a waste of time and energy. If you don`t want to have wrinkles in late 20s yet, don`t stress about things like that too much. You will be hurt and deceived many times, it`s a process you have to go through to get to the greener side of the grass.

The only one that can break your heart, however, is you yourself by not living the life you want. Live it to the fullest, use your potential and don`t forget to capture the moments along the way. You`ll never get to experience the same moment twice so enjoy every single one of them and appreciate it for it happened. You`ll figure out the rest along the way.


2. You probably know the words that go something like that: “What other people think of you is none of your business.” If you haven`t heard them yet, you`ll come across them a few years later and it will seem amazing how can one simple sentence perfectly comprise everything we should know to survive this thing called life. Again, do not stress about it. If you can`t change it, don`t waste more than 5 minutes thinking about it. If you do waste those 5 minutes however, make sure you are sipping some good Gin with Tonic meanwhile. Small detailes make miracles, I am telling you …


3. Be whatever you want, sweety, as long as you are YOU. Different environments and getting to know people with different backgrounds are the best teachers life will offer you. You will never be completely isolated from assholes that are strategically placed around this Earth but at least you will know how to handle them and move on the next minute.

Don`t waste yourself trying to be whatever society expect you to be, because at the end no one will love you any more. No one will praise you either. On the other hand, the people you love the most and are your biggest fans, will love you no matter what. They are the keepers, but keep in mind – the smaller the circle stays the better! Trust me, you are better without mediators in your personal life.

4. Being badmouthed doesn`t necessary mean a bad thing. If someone has a lot to say about others simple means he probably doesn`t have much interesting to say about himself. Not everyone is bold enought to go out there all by himself when it`s so much easier to stay on the couch and gossip with your neighbour about the other neighbour you were gossiping with the day before.
5. Remind yourself to stay humble no matter how life treats you. You could be on the other side of the table or not at the table at all …
6. Have no mercy with people who treat you wrong. You will know when it`s wrong, it`s not a rocket science, because you will feel bad when you shouldn`t feel bad. 
7. It`s good to lose your sh*t sometimes, it`s liberating. 
8. You know those people who live by other people`s standards? Well, don`t become one of them. It`s boring and you`ll go crazy eventually. You are not meant to be one of them. You are a free spirit, leave that kind of lifestyle to people whose souls has been eaten by Satan himself. The Stepford Wives are a wonderful example of what this society shouldn`t become.
9. Never regret anything. Flashbacks are cool at times since they remind you of how lucky you are now to be surrounded by the people that are a true blessing to you. 
10. Do good no matter the bad that will happen to you in this life. Bear in mind – no matter how miserable life seems at moments there is this energy called Karma that revolves quietly, when we least expect it, and finds you faster than your GPS finds your haidresser`s street on Google Maps. So treat people the way you want them to treat you and you will be just fine. It`s not always easy peasy lemon squeezy but you get the point.
11. You might think you know what you want in your life but the moment you get it you will realize you were searching for something else all that time and that your dream you finally achieved wasn`t the thing you really wanted. You will find something better instead however. Don`t be harsh on yourself for the missed opportunity, it might seemed as it was meant for you but there are far better things awating you. Life has funny ways to surprise us … 
The person you should be is the one you are looking for. If you are true to yourself and others, you can`t go wrong. Have a drink on me and see you in 10 years!
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