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A Letter To My Life

A Letter To My Life

Have you ever written a letter to your life? Embrace your life, dip it in love-filled words, and pen a heartfelt tribute to it. You’ll feel the like being the happiest person in the world.

Here goes my letter for the bittersweet thing called ‘Life’.

Dear Life,

I must first thank you for keeping me alive to pen a letter to you. I know, many people don’t thank you enough for the oxygen which you provide to keep them alive. They don’t realize that to breath and to be alive is the greatest gift you can give them, above all the joys, sorrows, sweet moments, and heartbreaks. If you, my dear life, had a form, then I’d have surely embraced you for all the wonderful things that you do to me.


People may wonder if I am way too optimistic about you. Yes, of course. I love you for all the positivity and happiness that you bestow on me. Let’s not concentrate on the troubles, miseries, and regrets that you have given me. They are a part and parcel of you, which no one can avoid. They are bound to happen. And I am thankful to you to have given me the strength to bear them. Why should I concentrate on your wrongdoings, when you have given me so much to celebrate?

I thank you for giving me the most lovable parents in the world, who support and encourage me in each and every step of mine. I thank you for the best friends, who stick to me through thick and thin. I thank you for blessing me with the passion to write, sing, and dance. I thank you for all the dreams which you have given me, of which some have already been achieved and some are yet to be achieved. I thank you for all the stories that you have made me listen to, for they have imbibed in me values that I would cherish lifelong. I should also thank you for the teachers, who have moulded me into the person I am. But, you yourself are a great teacher. The best one, actually.

You taught me how to live happily, when you showed me a poor yet happy family that solely lived on love. You taught me money isn’t everything. You taught me how to overcome disappointments and heartbreaks. You taught me that all people are not the same and how you must treat everyone’s opinion with care. You taught me that anger is not a solution to every problem. You taught me that change is inevitable. You taught me that age is just a number. You taught me how to follow my heart and live happily by caring only about the present. You taught me how to let go of close yet toxic people. You taught me how to cherish the small things. Above all, you taught me how to be a better human being.

I seriously despise people who tell that life has been unfair to them, just because they have met with some tragedies.  Yes, problems happen in every household. But, how could they forget the hell lot of good moments which you provided them? Hence, thank you for every little thing that you have given me. The joys which you gave propelled me to move forward and the woes which you gave taught me invaluable lessons.

When someone asks me about the best thing to happen to me, I would say ‘life’.

Love you, Life.