A Journey That Led Me To Love You Even More.

You, Yes you.

Thank you for sending me on a journey that led me to love you even more.

I know you are not perfect but thank you for always trying to make things almost perfect. An immeasurable thank you for taking care of my heart not because you know you’re in it but because I am in yours.

I know I am not the easiest one to handle but you put me first. I am on top of your priorities. You break down the walls for me because you have realized I deserve this. Your love made me a better person and a beautiful human being.

I will never forget how my heart beats fast whenever I hear you say my name. I’m always stunned how you make it sound so special.

Holding you and spending time with you in each moment is always something I cherish forever. You amaze me with your love because you make me feel those amazing emotions.

You made me feel I’m with the right one when we fight. Because even how much hell we do, we’re still able to patch things, say sorry and kiss after that. You make my heart swell with happiness.  At times, you make it sad; nevertheless, it strengthens the love, I know. I will accept every bit of your flaws and frailties because after all, that’s what this thing called, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE really is.

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing that curve on your face, the beautiful smile and those eyes that are beaming with love. No happiness is greater than just holding a hand and filling those empty gaps between my fingers. Nothing sounds sweeter than a voice saying my name or whispering all those passionate declarations. My heart was touched in some profound ways. And just gazing into your eyes, I feel you in my heart- meant to stay in my life forever, to be here for me, to teach me lessons,  and to let me figure out who I am in this amazing world.

Thank you for always waking me up with millions of beautiful words each day-  potent and passionate. And there is a paradise in every word  I hear. Thank you for the small act of kindness, the thoughtful gestures and the passion in loving me. I see all these when I look into your eyes, every time you look at me.

Those passionate words that keep us going and that keep us filled with meaning. The happiness that allows us both to live a better life. And the love with the same fire in our souls.

You came into my life when I least expected it but not like the way some people are walking in and out of a bar. Entering when they want a sip of champagne or a taste of whiskey. And just leave with unspoken words.

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Written by Bea Pilotin - Writer

A woman who is passionate about coherent words.


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