4 Different Things Men and Women Need In A Relationship

Things Men Women Need Relationship

For the women, it was quite natural to discuss their lives, about a variety of other things. Their conversation flowed smoothly and expanded to different topics quite effortlessly.

On the other hand, the men’s’ conversation started on awkward grounds and they could not sustain the conversation for long, giving in to performing some activities they love to perform together.

A woman needs to talk and share her feelings – sadness, happiness, anger, and frustration alike while on the other hand men found it more relaxing to connect with their partner through engaging in activities they both like.

He Needs: Time to Sort Their Emotions Out

She Needs: Needs to Unburden Through Words

This one understanding might help you handle a number of conflicted situations like arguments and fights like a boss!

Women are often left astonished when they find their men leaving the conversation mid-way if they somehow get triggered or hurt. For a woman who believes that resolution of a fight is only possible if the issue at hand is discussed, dissected, and analyzed after a thorough talking with the partner, seeing her man go silent is more frustrating than anything else in the world.

Now the revelation is that men and women resolve their emotions differently.

Men need time to think things over, to ponder long and hard about what transpired to get over the emotional trigger. The more they talk, they believe they will say something impulsively which might hurt their significant other which is why they like to retire in silence for some time to sort their thoughts.

Women, on the other hand, need to talk and blurt out the bitterness left within her after a conflict to feel free and light.

If the husband leaves a conversation midway, it cuts the opportunity for her to express her feelings. These feelings later get suppressed under layers of other emotions to create more conflicts in the marriage.

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A middle ground

Two different people with different sets of needs will have to make some compromises on their parts to make the marriage work. It is very crucial for you and your significant other to understand that focusing on your own needs and paying no heed to your partner’s needs will not bring fulfillment and satisfaction in the marriage. Will you ever be happy if your other half is not contented?

If you constantly find your partner unhappy and mentally disturbed, will you be able to have complete mental peace?

If your answer is ‘NO’, you need to consider your partner’s as well as your needs to reach a middle ground. Sometimes compromise your needs and the other times let your partner compromise theirs to prioritize yours.

This should happen on the basis of whose needs are urgently required to be fulfilled.

Like CeeLo Green said, “Tolerance, compromise, understanding, acceptance, patience – I want those all to be very sharp tools in my shed,” a successful marriage needs the same tools.

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4 Different Things Men and Women Need In A Relationship
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