A Heart That Always Understands Also Get Tired

A heart that always understands also get tired.

36 thoughts on “A Heart That Always Understands Also Get Tired”

  1. thats how i feel being empathic….my heart understand everyone better than they think, feel…i feel their emotions,i absorb their emotions as if it were mine and it gets tired at times feelg their feelgs somedays i feel nothg cause im to tired of feelg ..just to give my heart a break then there are day where i feel everythg intensely like its burstg out my chest and i need to ground myself to be at peace …its like theres no in between ..i either feel everythg intensely or nothg at all and it scary

    1. I told you earlier also sometimes decisions should be taken from heart, when you use ur mind, everything may get tired, heart, emotions, feelings. Forget everything and everbody enjoy ur life as u want, which u never do.

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