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A Guide To The Zodiac Traits

A Guide To The Zodiac Traits

A Guide To The Zodiac Traits

Virgo, Gemini –

• Tea> Coffee
• “I am not taking anymore of your bullshit Mathilda”
• Likes cats

Pisces, Capricorn –

• Happy outside, dying inside
• Tries really hard but fails aw

Sagittarius, Leo –

• “We need to talk
• Jealous af??
• Possessive AF

Aries, Aquarius –

• Future stripper
• Hardcore extrovert
• Kinda annoying??

Taurus, Scorpio –

• “Hey how are you doing :)”
• Secretly hates everyone
• hmmmMMMM

Libra, Cancer –

• HMMMMMmmmm
• Seems wise but is actually really crazy
• Probably really weird

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