A Four-Hour Travel

I embark on a four-hour travel

In a cold evening of December

Many beautiful things on the way to unravel

A sweet melody played out together

Nature’s beauty is full of wonders

A poet can’t resist writing more

Hillocks of stacked hay in few numbers

Unruffled red-orange leaves to adore

A little heap of stones and sands

The unfinished building facing solemn

A few neatly bundled firewood stands

The pampas grass bearing white blossoms

The meanders of the highway

The black and yellow striped dividers

Life is blooming on the busy Saturday

By the riverside, lampposts are glowing brighter

Lined with small shops

Selling fruits, snacks and tea

Moments of joy for visitors go non-stop

No matter how life turns out to be

The lads coming back on the opposite way

And I am travelling from home away.

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