A Forever Love’s Letter

A Forever Love's Letter...

Our love runs through my veins..

They tangle and untangle but the flow of your love remains the same.

When I move my fingers, I recall the way you moved your between mine, making it ours..

Our moments of love, for the world which were intimacy.

It still amuses me, how no one could go deeper to understand or see?

Their criticism, their question and objection, none mattered to me.

What alone that mattered then, was our togetherness; and now bothers, is that you left…

Left me shattered in body and deprived in soul…

The doctor says my body is deficient of oxygen.

Scientifically it may be true.

But what they are unaware of is that I breathed you… only you.

I still look into the night blue sky and pair the parted stars with my fingers, just as we did.. each part of me missing it’s pair – it’s soulmate..

I lay in silence, cherishing our memories.. awaiting for that last breath to pass, so thee meets thou and in witness the Universe breaks down all it’s stars…

We shall meet.. one fine day, we shall….

Yours, forever.


Lifeline Creations by Tanu©