A Final Letter To The Man Who Broke Me



Thank you, for showing me all those other girls who were hot and cute and better than me, even when you knew that I loved you.

Thank you for showing their pictures and taunting me about how popular and in demand you are. You brought up insecurities in me which I never thought existed. And it’s good that you did. Once I realized they existed, I could finally face them and get over them. Do you know that I love my body now, and don’t try to match up to any other woman’s standards? Oh, and one more quick tip, stop pitting girls against each other. I realized that all those girls were not my competition. We were all in this together, having to go through life with boys like you who think we should be fighting each other for your attention. No thanks, we are better off having a coffee together.


Thank you for keeping me on my toes. That time I spent with you, always worrying about what I should or shouldn’t do and how you’ll react.

I didn’t realize how much pressure I was under till it was all lifted. Suddenly, it was as if I could breathe again. That was when I realized the importance of stability. How nothing and no one is worth feeling like you’re entrapped in your own life. I never valued feeling free and in control of my own life, and maybe that is why I so readily handed the reins of my life in your hands. But you made sure that I learned my lesson and I will never do that again because now I know what the price I paid.


Thank you for doubting my dreams and taunting me that I was too ambitious.

You said that I was building castles in the air. That I was hoping for too much. Well, I agree that we belonged to the same small town and so our opportunities were limited. But unlike you, I didn’t let it define me. Instead, I took it as a challenge. And though it would have meant the world to me if you had supported me, you didn’t and I made my peace with that. I learned to become my own most fierce supporter. Instead of looking at validation outside, I look for it within me and guess what- I’m never disappointed.


Thank you for always taking and never giving. For always asking for my love and understanding and yet never being emotionally available for me.

Every time you were jealous and possessive of me, I thought of it as a good thing, like you were finally ready to commit. But you clearly weren’t. You just wanted to have control on my life, wanted everything that I had to offer, my mind, body, and soul and in return, you couldn’t even give me your commitment. I learned how an absolute fool I was to waste so much of my time and emotions in you when you were clearly not ready to invest any.


Thank you for every time you left me hanging. It has taught me that the only person I need in life to be happy is me.

Thank you for making me see how cruel and irrational and selfish the world can be. Now I am more prepared to handle people like you, without hating them, because I understand what they are going through too.  And most of all, thank you for leaving me. I know when you did I felt broken and shattered but it was, in fact, the only genuinely good thing you did for me all that time we were together. When you left, I thought I couldn’t live without you. Little did I know. Not only am I living without you, I am thriving. I shudder to think how my life would be if we were still together. I am a stronger person but it is not entirely because of you. I always had it within me, but yes, I am grateful to you for showing me everything that I was capable of.