How To Find The Right Guy: 7 Tips From A Father

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5. If He Puts Money Before You, He’ll Keep Pushing You To The Bottom Of The Pile Until You Become His Last Priority.

“When you realize you want to spend on somebody, you want to spend the rest of your life with that person”

The open truth is that money plays a major role in relationships. By no means he must be a millionaire but he needs to be financially secure. Find that man who wants to spend it on you, maybe he isn’t able to give you the most expensive gifts but will want to give you the strawberry ice cream, even if he loathes them.

6. How A Man Treats Animals Is A Good Indicator Of How He Treats Children.

“You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat their pets.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg

If a man is disrespectful to other people, what will stop him from being disrespectful to you? Understand that you cannot change such a man. Especially how he behaves with animals and children. Always be watchful of how he interacts with animals when he thinks he doesn’t have to impress. This is the indicator of how patient they will be with children as it’s said that some animals especially dogs behave just like human children do. 

Also, watch out for the signs of how he treats other people. For instance, if you go out on a date, watch how he talks to the waitresses. If he treats them like trash then understand he has little respect for people, and it’s a matter of time before he’s emboldened to show you that.

7. If He Isn’t In Awe Of You, He Doesn’t Deserve You.

“Find a man who respects you like a sea captain respects the sea. A man who looks at you with awe and reverence, but knows you are a force of nature.”

True love heals an aching soul. A man who truly loves you will make you feel beautiful and will practically light up when he sees you. He doesn’t simply adore you, he cherishes things about you.

A man who’s truly in love with you will go into transports of joy whenever they spot you. You don’t have to make an effort just for the purpose of winning praise. But if it comes, then it’s welcome. He should be in awe of you, not just for your beauty, but awe of you as a whole, in ways that you might never have seen yourself.

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A Father’s Recipe For The Right Guy
A Father’s Recipe For The Right Guy
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How To Find The Right Guy: 7 Tips From A Father

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