A Drug-Addicted Son

“Life seems no glitters”, he utters

Smokes of cigars in a room all in clutter

Sapped senses of hearing, smells and colours

The rising and falling mood flutters in wonders

A face hung in ignominy and drifted finance and family.
On the pictured walls, a giant shadow falls

Wandering and begging; sobbing and pleading

Looking for ecstasy to breathe in bliss and honour

The five feet stature soon snuggled down in the corner

Lying half-dead on the edges of the lonely walkway

Stained shirt and bruised face; swept away like a dirt astray

Faltering under the moonlight for some help just the way

The teary-eyed mother watching her son toddling around that day

But, now he couldn’t say “Mom, I need you, please”

Two months ago her soul was laid to rest in peace.
All he could count the closed gates of the colleges, sports and events

The boy laments about the disfigured past and the bereavements

Running away from everyone; talking to himself all alone

Never healing wounds painted his little flesh and bone.

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