A Dream Maybe

A Dream Maybe

Yes, so what were we talking about? Dream, right? Yes, dreaming is good. And, making your dreams come true is definitely the BEST! But, what if you couldn’t figure out how your Dream has been fulfilled and that too you are being unnoticed! Shocking? Yes, this is exactly what happened to Me.

Love, as they say is eternal. But, what if your Love Story remains incomplete? Would you stop Loving? How can people Unlove each other? Just like that! Doesn’t it choke them? Practice….. Yes, true. Practice, makes a man perfect. Be it for Education, or for a Living. 

I Loved Him, since Day One. Not knowing how it all started. I just kept my head held high and continued Loving Him. People around cursed me, thrower pebbles, shouting, ” You are such a disgrace. How could You Love Him? Why this Person?” I kept quiet, withered away the dust, ignored each wound that hurt me. I knew, what I want. I knew, He’s the One. And…. I just kept loving Him.

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