A Chance

A Chance

Amidst the things that surrounded her

What went past her sense was that she over did things she shouldn’t have,

In trying too hard to get what she wanted forgot;

The norms she had abided by from the first day.

Abundant emotions blinded her from the well known catastrophe,

The feelings took over her conscience; had her swim deep in the ocean of ecstasy.

Over-whelmed by the force she had never known

Had her crave for Infinite Insanity,

With time she was washed ashore to what they call (The point of no return!)

Eradicating the strength of her limbs she was gasping for A Chance

A Chance she could now scarcely achieve,

Her heart palpitated monstrously inside its allotted cavity.

No hands to clasp her this time, no eyes to watch over;

It was a matter of Chance…..something she had abandoned in heights of immense pleasure.

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