A Cage and a Bird


I know you are not mine,

And that you have to fly,

I was just a pitstop,

Till you managed yourself,

I was never meant to like you,

Just had to hold you within the bars,

I was never meant to be a friend,

Just a plain old prison.


You took care of me,

You protected me from dangers,

You kept unwanted things out,

Helped me as I grew up.

You gave me space to fly around,

Even if it is just within the bars,

Always wanted to explore the world,

Fly around and see what’s out there.


I was supposed to be a prison,

A place to hold you down,

But something inside me changed,

I became more of a home.

I liked the way you flew,

The chirps and the tweets you do,

I decided to enjoy the time with you,

To let you go, the right thing to do.


You were never a prison,

Protected me like a home.

I never felt controlled,

Just a little restricted.

Never thought it will be so tough,

When the time eventually came,

This is not a permanent farewell,

Just a voyage of sorts.


Fly on my friend,

The world is yours to see.

Whenever you need to rest,

My doors are always open for you.

Never even in my wildest dreams,

Did I imagine it would be so tough.

Fly on my friend,

The world is yours to see.


You could have been a little rude,

That flying away could have been easy.

You have made it extremely tough,

That I cannot just walk away.

I will come back, more often than you think,

I wish you will have space for me.

So long my friend,

Till the next time we meet.

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