A Bright Look At The Future

For centuries and many more years before now, the debate about what to eat and what not to eat has never been as controversial and more confusing as it is now, a new range of a less-beneficial and rather unhealthy set of edible varieties have completely taken over our once healthy menus.

Now, we are caught in the middle of a fight against terrible choices of food, a seemingly silent but critical war that should make us all ask “What is the next generation going to eat?”

The evil perpetrated by fast food and other unhealthy choices on this generation cannot be over-emphasized. While an occasional day out at McDonald’s might not hurt, a habit of eating out at these restaurants will do a lot more harm than good.

Most fast foods are loaded with sugar and fat with little or no fibre, all these can lead to alarming levels of blood sugar, weight gain, insulin resistance and then leaves you a potential Type 2 Diabetes patient.

The consumption of excess calories found in fast food can lead to you becoming obese from gaining unnecessary weight. This puts you at risk of common respiratory problems including asthma and shortness of breath due to excessive pressure put on the heart and lungs alike.

After all, is said, let all not be said but done. It is never too late to embrace the brighter side of day-to-day feeding. I urge us all to cut out bad food and help others cut out theirs for good.

Much need be learned in all the mystery of the world, numerology, quantum physics and much we still build upon today in mathematicians and scientists such as Pythagoras, whose work still heavily shed insight and much that can be learned of not only the universe by us individually.

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