A Bare Tree

A bare tree stands far down in silence

Apparently  lifeless and kissing the horizon

Across the grey skies and the hues of orange-red

The shady trunk with interlocking branches spread

Like the appendages of the ghostly creature

Yet something no less beautiful feature

Been waiting for another spring

To dress up with glossy wing

It shall embody life and emotions again

The old playmates shall visit it once again.

The bare tree is never literally dead

Living in patience and perseverance ahead

Amidst the darkest days of its time

Been keep pushing up the climb

Troubles and struggles are stories of existence

What it would be if life had only abstinence?

So never pity seeing a bare tree

It’s never the end of life, you see!

It’s worth waiting sometimes

To bloom again with beauty, colours and rhymes.

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