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Latest Blogs & Articles

Explore our latest blogs and articles on a wide range of topics freshly cooked by our team of expert authors from around the globe.

  • 5 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes Women Make That Turn Men Off
  • 5 Reasons To Stay Away From Someone Who Has Cheated In The Past
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  • 5 Relationship Red Flags That Are Actually Green Flags


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Our Reader’s Blog

Hand-picked blogs, articles, thoughts and poems submitted by our readers and followers.

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Latest News & Horoscope

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Quiz & Zodiac

Fun and exciting articles on horoscope, zodiac, personality tests and quizzes that inform and entertain at the same time.

  • How Dirty is your Mind? – Mind Game
  • Can We Guess Your Age By Your Vocabulary and The Way You Speak? – Fun Quiz
  • 15 Questions Psychological Test To Find Out Your Purpose In Life
  • Zodiac’s Love Life: How The 12 Zodiac Signs Handle Love Life
  • How And Why Opposite Zodiac Signs Attract According To Astrology


Latest Collection Of Meaningful


Get inspired to live an elevated life with these deep, touching quotes from philosophers, warriors and authors.

  • What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Swipe Left
  • At least They Left You Heartbroken
  • What Each Zodiac Sign Want To Normalize
  • Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign(17th September To 23rd September)
  • Things The Zodiac Signs Are Tired Of Hearing


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Toxic Love Disorder: Your comprehensive guide to understanding, overcoming, and healing from toxic relationships.

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Your Guide To Better Mental Health and Relationships


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What Is Good Mental Health?

Good mental health helps us function effectively in daily life, cope with daily life stressors and manage mental health issues positively.


Why Is Mental Health Important?

Different psychological conditions can affect various aspects of our life. Taking care of our mental health is crucial for a healthy, productive and happy life. 


How To Improve Your Mental Health?

If you are struggling with mental health issues, self-help coping strategies like relaxation techniques can help. But the most recommended way is to consult a mental health professional. 


How Can We Help?

The Minds Journal and Mind Help provides reliable and helpful support through research-backed resources and an unprecedented network of mental health professionals.

Instantly access the best online support and connect with the leading mental health experts from around the globe.

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