9 Unexpected Signs You’re a Genius

 August 11, 2018

9 Unexpected Signs You're a Genius

So, if you have a love relationship with books and reading, you are a Genius!

“Of all the things, I like books best.” – Nikola Tesla


7). Do you enjoy pushing boundaries and challenging yourself?

The brain is the sexiest organ for a Genius.
They like to constantly engage in activities to better their minds whether it is reading, Sudoku or crossword puzzles. They constantly push themselves out of their comfort zones and expand their horizons.


8). Do you suffer from social anxiety?

People who have IQ are constantly engaged in analyzing their surroundings, reflecting on what is happening around them, forming correlations, no wonder they get anxious in social environments.
Studies show that highly intelligent people are also highly sensitive to stimuli and get anxious in social setups.


9). Do you struggle with addiction issues?

There is a long list of creative artists, singers, musicians, actors, scientists and creative geniuses who have struggled with addiction.
Whether it is to ease their loneliness or a desire to experiment to get into the creative zone, highly intelligent people are at a high risk of indulging in self-sabotaging addictive behavior.
Obviously, this is a completely unhealthy thing and if you are a creative genius then you have to be extra cautious to stand guard against these tendencies.

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” – Ernest Hemingway

Happiness In Intelligent People

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9 Unexpected Signs You're a Genius

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