9 Teachings of Confucius, That Will Effectively Alter Your Priorities In Life


By asking yourself, “Am I succeeding?” on regular intervals, make sure that you comfortably move along the right path. If there are any obstacles, immediately stop and adapt and adjust your strategies. This would lead to swifter and obstacle-free journey to your ultimate goal.


7)  Knowledge can be gained from everyone

Each individual has their own experiences in life. These experiences can vary from another individual, which opens up the possibilities to learn more.

Adapting an approach, where these experiences serve as lessons would help you pick up good points (which can be applied in real life) and bad points (which once learned can be avoided.)

This opens up the opportunity to learn more and also increases your likeability as you are genuinely interested in what the other person wants to communicate.


8)  All in or nothing

The success mantra for anything involves the principle of giving your 100% to it. A half-hearted approach and inadequacy to give in anything is equivalent to not providing at all.

A genuine effort towards a goal helps you progress ahead and also motivates you to work harder. This principle should widely be adapted in all aspects of life including relationships.


9)  Sharpen your tools

To evolve and establish a particular skill set, a great mass of practice, aspiration and integrity is required. Failing to accommodate them would cost you your goals.

In order to use a pencil efficiently, the blunt tip should be sharpened. Only a sharpened pencil will provide accurate results.


Similarly, to provide results in actual life, it is necessary to push yourself. Doing so would improve your skill sets and drive you closer to your goals.

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9 Teachings of Confucius, That Will Effectively Alter Your Priorities In Life.