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9 Signs You’re Being Overly Nice

Stop blaming yourself for the meteor crash, from a thousand years ago. This is not healthy in the least bit.

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7. You Cannot Contradict Another’s Opinion

Should some idiot come up to you and call Donald Trump the best President in the world, you will nod along, while slightly throwing up inside your throat.

It is impossible for you to show people that you might have an opinion different from theirs. You keep feeling like it will either offend them or lead to a loss of friendship and camaraderie. You fear hatred and conflict.

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So, you do not approach anything that could lead to those avenues. However, if you do not stop doing this, then you will lose your own identity. Imagine looking into a mirror and not knowing who you are. Don’t let this happen to you.


8. You Agree Immediately And Curse Yourself Later

Picture this: you are tired after an entire week of over-working yourself to God’s glory. A colleague asks if you want to go out to party with them after work, and you nod aggressively.

A few seconds later, the exhaustion hits you, and you realize that you would much rather die than buy yourself a hangover. But canceling on them is unimaginable. Saying ‘no’ is one thing, but retracting and already given word, is simply another level of terrifying.

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However, if you continue along this line, you will soon have no mental or physical health left. Stop giving your peace of mind away for your fear of social rejection.


9. You Never Show People That You Are Angry

They could literally set your hair on fire, but you would let them off with a curt smile, and an ‘it’s no problem’. You refuse to blow your minds out in front of other people. However, it is not like you don’t feel it at all.

You often break things and curse your lungs sore, when you are back at home. But it is impossible for you to tell people that they have hurt you. Please stop suppressing your emotions and constantly letting people off the hook. It ruins your emotional well-being, and let’s really bad people thrive in this world.

If somebody has offended you, then be strong and say it. What is the worst that could happen? A lost friendship? Oh, stop worrying about that!

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9 Signs You’re Being Overly Nice

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