17 Signs You’re An Old Soul

Signs Old Soul

6. You see the bigger picture.

Old Souls dislike getting lost in the superficial details of gaining useless degrees, job promotions, social prestige, and better iPhones. Instead, Old Souls prefer to look at life from a birds-eye perspective, striving to find the wisest and most meaningful way of living and using their time.

After all, life can end at any moment, so why waste time on trivial details?

7. You aren’t materialistic.

Wealth, status, fame, and the latest tech gadget … Old Souls take little interest in these things. After all, what’s the point of seeking these socially paraded goals if they can easily be taken away? What’s the point if the fulfillment isn’t long-lasting or soul-enriching?

Old soul

8. You were a strange, socially maladaptive kid.

This is not always the case, but many Old Souls exhibit odd signs of maturity at young ages. Often, these children are labeled as being “precocious,” “introverted,” or “rebellious,” failing to fit into the mainstream behaviors.

Usually, these children are extremely inquisitive and intelligent, seeing the purposelessness of many things their teachers, parents, and peers say and do, and either passively or aggressively resist them. If you can talk to your child like s/he’s an adult – you’ve probably got an Old Soul on your hands.

9. You’ve undergone an existential crisis.

It’s common for Old Souls to ask deep and penetrating questions about life in their search for love, truth, and freedom. This quest to live a meaningful existence inevitably means that they will, sooner or later, experience an existential crisis.

An existential crisis is what happens when a person starts to see through the lies and delusions within society. They may wonder what life is really about, whether they have a true purpose, and start to think about the human condition more. Is life just a product of chance? What’s the point of everything I’ve done? What is all this about, anyway?

These are the types of questions Old Souls ask during the existential crisis.

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10. You see life through a poetic/contemplative lens.

Old Souls take time to enjoy life – they see things that others don’t see. Take nature for example an Old Soul will enjoy the way the wind dances through the trees – while someone else may just walk straight by, disinterested or blind to the simple beauty before them.

Old Souls also take time to contemplate life. The smile and laughter of a child is something to stop and savor. The striking beauty of a piece of art is something to ponder. The words of a great writer are something to meditate on. There is so much in life to stop, appreciate, and reflect on.

11. You tend to overthink everything.

While Old Souls are contemplative types of people, this can also prove to be a painful and challenging quality. For instance, most Old Souls struggle with the curse of overthinking practically everything.

Choosing from a menu at a cafe, for example, can be a strangely painstaking experience. (There are so many options! Which is the right one? What would taste the best? What is the most ethical? What is the best value for money? What is right for this time of the day? etc.) Social situations are no better, which leads to the next point …

12. You struggle with anxiety in social situations.

Put the tendency to overthink everything alongside conscientiousness and strong empathy, and you have a recipe for social anxiety. Throw in a little bit of eccentricity (i.e., not sharing the same interests as most people) and we have an unavoidable tendency towards lingering social discomfort.

Although many Old Souls are confident, calm, and self-possessed people, social situations are complex and tiring. There are so many elements to consider (fragile egos, etiquette, boundaries, reciprocity, unspoken but obvious insecurities, etc.) that they often prefer just being left by themselves.

With that being said, when Old Souls do find someone they connect with or find interesting, they tend to form strong and intense connections quite quickly. It’s one of the greatest joys of life to find fellow kindred spirits.

38 thoughts on “17 Signs You’re An Old Soul”

  1. Hannafawaz@hotmail.be

    I feel this way to , I love to be alone ,I only joined company with older persons , the talk differently , they tell you story’s which are interesting, but do you think you can change it , did you?

  2. Soul is infinite thus it can never be young nor old,,therefore this article pertains to the psyche of human and a heart of young!

  3. Every single one of those descriptions fit me to a T. I think the most outstanding thing for me has been feeling like a spectator to what seemed like craziness around me. I don’t “fit in”, never have and never wanted to because what others felt was so important looked like nonsense to me. I’m 64, self employed, work from my home which is on a coastal ridge top in the woods. I just wish I had understood all of this at a younger age instead of wondering if something was “wrong”. The only other thing that fits for me is the new concept of “highly sensitive” people. Reading and learning about that has been a relief. Being a “highly sensitive” (easily overwhelmed or impatient with others) and an old soul is what feels right for me now and I’m happy in it. My wish is for others to discover the truth of who they are earlier and avoid any confusion. Sweet blessings to you all!

  4. These character traits fit many different people, for me it is the fact that nothing was a surprise to me when I was growing up, it was as if I just knew. Difficult to explain but when my grandmother died when I was very little I was upset because my mother was upset, not because grandmother died, I just knew that it was how it was supposed to be. I did love her and did miss her.

  5. I enjoyed this article very much.
    The only difference for me is, I feel I had a bonding with this life. Once I bonded with this life it started to reveil it’s gifts that I didn’t expect.
    I know I have been here for ever and will be here forever.
    Being one with all I am the observer and see things in this dimention that I did not see in the many dimentions of the past.
    I love to be alone and I started waking at 4 months and have questioned all of life from a very young age.
    I now find I do question but also know there is something knew to view and a different perspective to view from now.
    I enjoy this life very much

  6. I can relate to all that is describe and felt by the word soul ……but the word ……old ……. dose not ring the bells …….I do not relate to it …….personally I have never felt old at any age of my life, but the feeling of being in a different frame of thoughts or mind or conscience, to those that surrounded me made me realise I was not in the controll of others …….. I am old in age but not as a soul……

  7. I’m definitely an old soul. I’ve always been intuitive and wise beyond my years, even though the years have caught up to me now. I can so relate to all of the descriptions of an old soul as if they are describing me.

  8. Only an old soul would identify with this and not really feel like they have to explain further. Article is spot on, but even an old soul can get lost in this world, just for awhile before remembering who they are and where they trailed off path.

    1. I think it was a good article, but lacked depth enough to penetrate the more specific traits to narrow down an older soul, but still well written I must say

    1. It is better to come to terms with the past, not forget it, because the end of a journey is made starting from the first step 🙂

  9. This is written in a hurry or just to write something, in other words, a big BS . 🙂

    There are descriptions here that doesn’t neccessary mean and old soul(as you like to say it) but a person who uses his brain more than others, that isn’t neccessary old.

    I know there are people who fit in some “signs” but totally don’t in others.

    I felt like an old sould, but after reading your thing, I feel youger than ever. Thanks.

    ! ! ! I have a word for people of the 21th century ! ! !

    The illiterate of the new century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot unlearn the lies they’ve been told, or believe everything is written on a website, newspaper.

    Take care !

    1. Hey that last bit is great, I totally agree, it is harder to find physical worldly orientation nowadays for the pixel generation :-/ they better hope they have wise old soul parents

    1. Tess we can’t do anything. We just are. Sometimes I think we are here to observe and help much younger souls development or move forward when they get stuck.

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