9 Signs You Are A Natural Born Witch

natutal born witch

5. Natural Healing Or Destructive Abilities

This usually comes from a painful experience. Do you remember a time, when someone of your beloved ones was sick or injured and you felt terrible about it? Do you remember that you wished him/her well or touched him/her, and after a few hours s/he was healed or feeling better?

Or of course the exact opposite. You wished him/her harm and something terrible happened to them. This doesn’t mean you’ve got a demonic nature. It means that you didn’t direct your emotions in a beneficial way. Now you know better. Harming others – is harming ourselves. We are all connected. Always remember this!

Chi – the living energy which runs inside our body – is more intense in Witches. Actually, this is one form of Magic. Witches intentionally focus on their life energy and can pass it towards the one they desire. The same way Witches enchant an object, they can heal, etc. If you are able to do that, then my friend, you are a Natural Witch!

6. Repeating Numbers – Patterns – Omens

Witches believe that this world is built on patterns, the same way Ancient Greeks believed that the World is built on numbers. This is why they are able to recognize those “patterns” manifested in the real world. Repeating numbers is NOT a coincidence – see here what Repeating number means. 

Natural Witches have a talent, spotting these patterns thus predicting what is going to happen to them and to their loved ones. Do you see omens during your day?

7. Weird Visions

Although to intentionally see Visions requires practice (see here how to see Visions using the Magic Mirror) a Natural Witch has the ability to catch glimpses of the other Realms. A Witch may see or smell or hear or taste moments of the past the present and the future (see here about the Magical Abilities). 

Do you remember yourself watching weird visions you cannot easily explain? Do you see dreams that come true? These are powerful traits of a Real Natural Witch.

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8. Power From The Earth

Do you remember yourself collecting crystals and stones from the Earth since childhood? Witches sense the power of crystals and love to have them around. You may also have noticed that a Crystal brings your bad luck! This adds to this claim as all crystals are not harmonious with our aura!

Crystal Magic is one of our favorite practices. We are talking about batteries of Earth Energy which radiate Magic! If you are a Natural Witch, you truly love crystals!

9. Traces Of Past Life

A Natural Witch is likely to have tapped into past life’s experiences in order to empower this life. Have you noticed watching yourself in visions or dreams being someone else but it feels like it’s you? Do you have a Mark on your body that feels inherited from a past life (see here more about Witch Marks)?

Past lives affect this life as it’s all a circle. There is no such thing as Death. Death is only a part of life, a new phase that gives birth to another life. A Witch knows about his/her past life and shows interest in exploring them – chapter by chapter. See here visions of your past life. 

To sum it up, more than 5 means you are a Natural Witch! How many of these signs do you recognize?

If you want to know more about the signs of a natural-born witch, then check out this video below:

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9 Signs You Are A Natural Born Witch
Signs You Are A Natural Born Witch Pin
natutal born witch pin
9 Signs You Are A Natural Born Witch
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