9 Signs He Is Smitten And Serious About You

 January 28, 2019

9 Signs He Is Smitten And Serious About You

6. You know his squad — and they know you too

Another big giveaway is how his friends and family treat you and how you feel with them. If he is serious about you, you will not have just ‘met’ his mains, you will know them. You’ll find yourself being included in his groups and hangouts as if you were one of them. You might even hear them tell you funny stories about your man because they will want to share it with you and witness your reaction to their friend/family member first hand.

Contrariwise, even they will know you.


7. He’ll try to know your squad

Guys tend to be more hesitant than girls in meeting their partner’s friends. It is a well-known secret that girls will tell everything of importance to their friends — and naturally, every guy knows his deeds have been relayed to these strangers as soon as they had occurred. What could be scarier than meeting a group of people that you know have judged you, trashed talk about you, dissed you and what not? Understandably, you can imagine how much you mean to your man when he agrees to try to know your mains — or even better, knows them as well as you know his.


8. Y’all find yourselves talking about the future as a When and not an If

This is it. The big one.

The fear of commitment has to be long gone by this time for your man to have reached this stage at all. Most men don’t make plans that fall farther than a week or two. You can pick up on his commitment if you find the two of you setting dates aside for getaways months from now or movies/concerts a year or so later. That’s a sign your man is planning on sticking around and not worried about letting you know the same.


9. Except when he isn’t…

Sure you know how to spot a committed man, now. But if he’s already said he’s not looking for a commitment, don’t stick around waiting for him to suddenly be ready. Men are fickle when they aren’t serious about you and it will only translate in your heart-pain and sad, weepy nights where you make more excuses for his behaviour and ignore yourself.


Just move on for your own sake and someday the One will come along and tick all those signs on our checklist.

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9 Signs He Is Smitten And Serious About You

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