9 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Attempting to Contact You


9 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Attempting to Contact You

Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Attempting to Contact You

A real Necromancer, like the ones in ancient Greece, knows the signs when a spirit is near and attempting a contact. The Greeks considered Necromancy the sacred duty of the Priests and Priestesses of the Lord and Lady of the Underworld – the Mighty Hades (brother of Zeus and Poseidon) and the Enchanting Persephone. Necromancy was performed under the guidance of the Priesthood and many people took part in those kinds of ceremonies. Ancient Greeks visited the temples of Hades and Persephone in order to get some guidance by the spirits of the dead. 

Do you look for guidance by your dead ancestors? Then maybe the following signs are meant to give you some advice…

1. A Deceased Loved one Appears in Dreams

One of the most common ways, a deceased loved one attempt to contact us is via our dreams. When we are dreaming, our magical powers and senses are empowered. Therefore, we can easily ‘sense’ them and interact with them. 

Moreover, when we are in a sleep mode, we are likely to have an astral projection and actually meet this particular deceased loved one. When we return from the astral realm, it feels like a dream and the experience is blurred. Nevertheless, it’s likely to be authentic.

2. Light Bulbs and Candles are Flickering

One of the most common examples of a Spirit contact is watching the light sources flicker. When a deceased loved one is near – or frankly any other spirit – their energy field intersects with the energy matrix around us. Light is one of the purest forms of light and is easily affected by the Spirits.

3. Electronic devices Reboot (without prompt)

On a greater scale but for exactly the same reason, a spirit/ghost with a strong energy field can easily interact with our gadgets and influence their behavior. It’s amazing how they can influence the electronic devices like they have a will of their own. 

One who dwells with spirits knows what I’m talking about. S/he usually has problems with his/her electronic devices. Especially when s/he exorcises demons or angry ghosts, we regularly have to buy new cell phones, laptops… etc. If these problems become usual, think of haunting. 

4. You Catch their Scent – aka, you Smell them!

You might think why don’t I see them? Well, your deceased loved one is easier leave his/her scent because the smell is the most ancient smell. Moreover, the center of smell in our brain is placed in the most ancient part of our brain. 

It is believed that there lie our natural magical abilities. That’s why it’s easier to smell than see them. 

5. Clocks keep stopping

It’s one of my favorites. The clocks – regular or electronic – stop/freeze. Sometimes it gets more peculiar. There are many who report clocks freezing at the time of the death of the deceased loved one. We have even got reports of clocks freezing at a time which makes sense in a weird way. For example, a clock freezing at 05.12, the birthday of the deceased loved one. 

The clocks may also freeze at random or repeating numbers, trying to give you a message. Look here for messages of repeating numbers.

6. Catching the same Song

Is there a song that reminds you this specific deceased loved one? Now, will it make sense if you keep catching the same song or radio or whenever? These endless possibilities are one of their favorite subjects.

In the same way, other patterns appear that may be linked to your deceased loved one. 

7. Butterflies and Dragonflies

These are considered to be common omens when a deceased loved one is near. Both animals are connected with the fairies and the spirit world too. If it happens to see butterflies or dragonflies quite often, then a spirit who is close to you asks for your attention. Could you somehow help? Read more about animals and omens here.

8. Black Feathers

Legend has it that if you happen to found a black feather, it’s a cosmic sign that a deceased loved one is close to you. In other words, it’s an omen that you are not alone. Actually, there is a color code for feather found. The black one is almost always associated with the spirit of an ancestor. 

9. Sudden Change of Temperature – Small shifts of Air

The energy fields of the Spirits can create some anomalies around the area they appear. It’s very common to feel a breeze when a ghost is near. Also, you may feel that the temperature has suddenly fallen and that’s also due to the presence of a spirit. This happens because of the spirits of the deceased lack of chi – the vital energy.

Thus, when they appear they automatically drain the chi around them. This is why we should not spend much time around cemeteries or haunted houses. Because if we do, our energy levels – chi – will eventually be depleted. 

Source: Magical Recipes Online

Visit their website to add more magic to your life.

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