9 Secrets I’ve Uncovered About Depression, Which No One Told Me

As for me: today, right now, depression is still hard work, but it’s not the backbreaking effort it was a few years ago, or even the uphill climb it was a few months back. Some day, I truly believe that managing it will be no more difficult than, say, feeding myself, or keeping my unruly hair in check — daily tasks that, though not effortless, I mastered years ago, and even take some pleasure in doing these days. Until then, I will continue to strive and struggle, succeeding in some moments and failing in others, and taking heart in the fact that I am far from alone. That’s no secret, but it bears repeating: no matter where you are in the process of figuring out depression, you are not alone.

Author – Katy Morrison

9 Secrets I’ve Uncovered About Depression, Which No One Told Me (2)


  1. "like all work, it is easier the longer you do it". For me this is so wrong. I have been struggling for over 30 years and it is just as hard now if not harder than it has ever been. I am fed up with battling this disease, so hard work is harder.

  2. A very intelligent article which dissects an illness with insightful precision, and lets those who suffer to clearly see it's not a dark, supernatural entity but visceral like any disease. Thank you for this. I really needed to understand my depression in these terms. I'm still reeling from the thought of how accurately it applies to me. I will not let the liar to whisper falsehood in my ear anymore. Thank you once again!

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