9 Secrets I’ve Uncovered About Depression, Which No One Told Me

9 Secrets I’ve Uncovered About Depression, Which No One Told Me (2)

9) Depression is not the end of the world

It’ll do its best to trick you into believing it is, but that’s just another one of its lies. The truth is, depression is a pain, both figuratively and literally; it can be dangerous and frightening; it can slow down or even stall out your life for a while; it can be hard to deal with, overwhelming, and upsetting. But it’s not the end of the world. It’s just something that requires some careful thought, awareness, and management — in other words, it’s something that requires some work. The trick, at least in my experience, is knowing that it’s doable work, work that you are more than capable of handling, no matter what your depression tries to tell you. And, like all work, it gets easier the longer you do it. The incomparable Allie Brosh wrote a two-part post on depression a few years ago, which was then and remains to this day the best explanation I’ve ever seen on this topic; it’s sharply funny as well as being searingly honest, and I highly recommend reading it. It truly illustrates the whole of the thing — the way there is struggle to this, but hope too, and levity even where you’re not expecting to find it.

As for me: today, right now, depression is still hard work, but it’s not the backbreaking effort it was a few years ago, or even the uphill climb it was a few months back. Some day, I truly believe that managing it will be no more difficult than, say, feeding myself, or keeping my unruly hair in check — daily tasks that, though not effortless, I mastered years ago, and even take some pleasure in doing these days. Until then, I will continue to strive and struggle, succeeding in some moments and failing in others, and taking heart in the fact that I am far from alone. That’s no secret, but it bears repeating: no matter where you are in the process of figuring out depression, you are not alone.

Author – Katy Morrison

9 Secrets I’ve Uncovered About Depression, Which No One Told Me (2)
9 Secrets I’ve Uncovered About Depression Which No One Told Me

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