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9 Reasons Why Parents Should Be Transparent To Their Kids

Why Parents Should Be Transparent to Kids

7. Your Kids Will Share With You

As a parent, since I’ve been transparent to my kids, they will actually come to me out of trust and knowing that we have mutual respect. Of course I keep my eye on them and what they’re doing, but it’s much less likely I will find something they hid from me throughout their childhood.

Every parent is different of course, every family is different. Overall, I’ve found that it’s very refreshing to be able to have that bond and to have my child come to me when they have a problem. Instead of assuming the outcome beforehand.

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8. Teaching Your Child Self-Love

When you teach your child about trust and openness, you’ll also be teaching them about self-love at the same time. This is extremely important and will stay with them throughout their life. Self-love will encourage them to understand that no one is perfect and that’s completely okay.

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9.  They Won’t Hide Their Feelings

All too often a children will feel like they can’t come to their parents because their parents will be too mad or disappointed [4]. While this is sometimes the case, it shouldn’t be.  In my experience this pushes the bond between child and parent so far apart it can actually hurt the relationship as the child becomes older as well.

This will also encourage a more selfless attitude as well. You want to provide a safe and trusted place for your child to vent about their problems and the positives in their life.


Overall, my child is smart, your child is smart [5], they aren’t naive, they pick up on social cues and they can tell when someone is just making up a story. In short, be honest, transparent, and most of all be there for your child.

Have you learned a different perspective when it comes to parenting?



Transparent to Their Kid
9 Reasons Why Parents Should Be Transparent to Their Kids
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