9 Humbling Life Lessons I’ve Learned as an INFJ



Lesson #4 You are loyal to a fault, and are bitter that other people you care for aren’t …

… You realize that no two people are the same. People have their virtues and faults, and you are free to guide your loyalty elsewhere. There are many other loyal people in the world.


Lesson #5 You are disappointed at how bland and shallow people are …

… You realize that people are on different wavelengths from you, and haven’t necessarily developed the same mental or emotional faculties as you have. That’s fine. People have different interests and different capabilities, and you are certainly not alone at the end of the day. There are people out there like you.


Lesson #6 You often feel alienated, alone and like an “outsider” …

… You realize that your inner Solitude is a valuable gift which helps you deepen your visions, insights and revelations. You also see that no matter how you feel, there is always someone else who understands how you feel and what you are going through.


Lesson #7 When you feel, you feel very deeply …

… You realize that although being an emotional person has its benefits, it’s also a good idea to learn how to step away from your emotions for your own well-being. Learning how to be a detached observer is also very beneficial.


Lesson #8 You long for a deep and meaningful job, relationship and friendship, but become easily let down …

… You realize that true happiness and fulfillment can only come from within. Seeking for external happiness in the form of idealistic interpersonal connections, jobs and so forth, will only create disappointment and unhappiness.


Lesson #9 You are a visionary and highly idealistic person …

… You realize that while idealism can motivate you and guide you, it can also be limiting and psychologically unhealthy. Practicality must be balanced with impracticality in order to build an equalized person.


Living life as an INFJ can be both problematic and frustrating, as well as magical and enthralling. I hope these life lessons have resonated with your own experiences, or at least serve as the catalyst for more positive change in your life.

Any of your own uniquely experienced life lessons (whether you’re an INFJ, IN__, or not) will be welcomed in the comments below!

Written by Aletheia Luna
Originally appeared on Lonerwolf

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9 Humbling Life Lessons I’ve Learned as an INFJ