Flying Away To Far Away Land And See A World So Very Grand

Flying Away To Far Away Land And See A World So Very Grand
Karthik Parthasarathy

 Flying away to far away land
and see a world so very grand
Not a plane, No, That’s not what I used
Just the books I read
 that got my imagination aroused.

Rinku Shah 

My book base always launched me,
No worries, absolutely free.
Into the world of imagination, 
Time for a celebration.
Now I’m unstoppable…
Every travel and story is truly laudable!

Sulekha Pande 

Happy or depressed,
I find my solace,
in the pages of books,
they make me forget,
all that’s bad,
in my life, 
they take my hand, 
and help me fly,
to a faraway land.

Sherry Greene 

The pages are wings dear! 
So take this book and soar, soar, soar.
Go to that faraway place.
It will leave you wanting much more!

Erna Duspara

 Flying high on
my magical mystery ride. 
Over the valleys…rivers
and mountainside.
Every chapter, a new journey
 I may have never took.
If it wasn’t for the pages 
of my mystical book.

Jasmin JB

Books taught me how to fly.
it taught me knowledge, I apply.
it took me to places when I ply.
its bounties are never dry.
it encourages you to try.

Jackie De Klerk 

It was mystical to see.
There was always a special part
when he turned the first page,
you could see his mind depart.
He’d be afloat and just be free.

Shibatosh Kar

 A thrust of imaginations,
Propel me to my destination,
To a faraway fairyland.
I got an open book being my vehicle,
With every word in it,
being my paddle.
I sleep, dream and live in my flight;
My book is my caravan, 
in disguise.

Anindya J Ganguly

 On a Magic Carpet 
Scribed of words & verse 
I float & fly 
Beyond the trenches adverse 
To live my dreams
& relinquish all maladies
I warp to the clouds
Beyond all tragedies, I fly.

Anna Marie Brown 

Knowledge can take you to new heights and places.

Manisha Shrestha

 Soar across the sky of ignorance 
to the world of wisdom 
on the wings of knowledge.

Eneida Ramos

 Uplifting Words.

Debra Pry 

Books are a new kind of high.

Kenneth Polachek

 “Literature can elevate one’s life”

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