How to Stop Taking Things Personally: 8 Steps

How to Stop Taking Things Personally 8 Steps

We all have something that has hurt us. Don’t let it define who you are. Instead, use it to get stronger and make yourself proud.

7.  Know That Kindness Isn’t a Pass to Acceptance.

We tend to expect that if we’re nice and kind to everyone, giving all of ourselves to them, we should be treated the same way back.

But being kind to others doesn’t always buy their acceptance and approval. We better serve others and ourselves if we do things because we want to, not because we expect something in return.

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8.  Be Logical.

When something upsets you or makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s helpful to take a look at the situation from a more logical perspective: Did the situation call for the reaction you had, or are you losing it unnecessarily?

Is the other person really doing something wrong, or are you taking the situation too personally? If someone is truly being hurtful, can you ask for what you need or work on letting it go?

If you don’t consciously acknowledge the unmet need triggering your emotional reactions, you’ll feel imprisoned by your own emotions.

On the other hand, if you honestly take a look at yourself and see the expectations you cling to, you can begin to view life more objectively.

You’ll free yourself up to choose your responses to people in the future, start taking more responsibility for yourself, and remain more emotionally neutral.

Sometimes our emotions call for us to be as sophisticated and educated as our logical brains. It’s of great importance, therefore, to explore where your feelings are coming from, how you can respond to them, and how you can allow the situation to challenge and inspire you at the same time.

When you educate yourself about your reactions, you can turn them into reasonable responses in the future.

What other things do you try to stop taking things personally?

Written by Ilene Strauss Cohen Ph.D.
Originally appeared on Psychology Today
Printed with permission from the author

8 Ways To Stop Taking Things Personally
How to Stop Taking Things Personally 8 Steps Pin
How to Stop Taking Things Personally: 8 Steps

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