8 Things That Matters Most In Life

matters most

5. Relationship:

Having strong and positive relationshipswith people you love is immensely important. Numerous report suggests that people who have good relationships tend to live longer and less stressful.

Especially during tough times in one’s life, a strong relationship helps in better and faster healing.

6. Happiness:

To enjoy the journey is the most crucial process in life. With my own experience, there is no special happiness in reaching the peak of your goal and neither is it in aimlessly wandering around the base.

Thus, set goals but do remember to cherish on your way to achieve success in life.

Let me give you an example of a real-life rat racer:

In two years, a person is going to get a 2 dollar race, and he/she is so stressed out and anxious about for the next two years. After he gets the two-dollar race, he will be feeling so happy for two minutes and will be back to again two years of stress and anxiety for another two-dollar race.

This is the majority of people. Stop being in the rat race as happiness is the sole purpose of our existence. By that, I don’t mean you should stop doing any work but to enjoy the path towards success. When you start enjoying the works you do, success ultimately attracts.

7. Develop positive values:

Values are what you consider to be more important than your feelings. Develop good values and follow them every day. Not only will they allow you to make the right decisions, but out of your values comes authenticity and confidence to shine and be who you are proud fully.

You can be true to yourself and true to others. Values are what make us decide all the small things that we do.

8. Action:

Even after knowing the things that really matters in life, if you don’t put it into action with great persistent, it won’t have much impact in your life as it may even make you more miserable than before because you know that you are making fake excuse and doing the things that are not important making you unfulfilled in life.


From what I learned and know, these are the 8 things that matter most in my life. If you think I missed some important points in what matters most in life, comment below because I am open to learning more knowledge from you.

I hope you got what you are looking from this blog.

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