If You Experience These 8 Signs It Means You’re A Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive To Energy

 November 26, 2017

If You Experience These 8 Signs It Means You're A Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive To Energy


7. You are extremely sensitive:

Be it light, sound, smell, touch or anything related to our senses, you get affected by them. You can feel their energies. Some colors make you happy while others ruin your mood. You can feel the positivity or a negativity of a surrounding just by feeling its ambience.


8. You seek solitude often to recharge yourself:

You need to recharge yourself a lot and you yourself can do that. It’s by spending time with yourself that you can revive your inner strength so that you can go out saving the world.

If you are a highly intuitive empath, feel blessed to be one. Take care of yourself while you are busy taking care of the universe.

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One comment on “If You Experience These 8 Signs It Means You’re A Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive To Energy

  1. I only know to follow my heart and trust God. I have no way of knowing the future. Many things bring fear, God’s word and duty I have I must complete not for my own sake or not as a result of being confused. Whenever there was doubt it was never in family, self or Faith, but in what every single doubter advised as what must be overcome, big Pharma, big corporations and the realities of the world. Not saying more then what I felt honored us is a result of respecting you especially, but all, including me, but last. My heart loves for the right reasons or only reason i’ve ever known. It isn’t easy following a dream, given all things true and endured of my life, but I hold my head up high, I long for the moment we may just be, if never a word to be spoken, just the way I always felt, I thought I’ve said, it’s real, I’ve lived it, I pray His timing and togetherness and tradition, best i may hope for, God knows I’m trying, we each to have a bigger mission and overall purpose, I dream of us, the way it always seemed, all of us, I never wanted to be a burden. I trust and believe everything by meeting, not chance. The best is yet to come.

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