8 Signs She’s The One For You

8 Signs She's The One For You

When every other woman pales in comparison, you barely remember your ex-girlfriend and you can’t picture your life without your sweetie—nor do you want to—that sounds a lot like love. And when it walks like love and talks like love, chances are…


8. You just can’t resist anymore.

Believe me, you’ve tried. You swore after your last relationship that you were done—it’s just not worth it—but all attempts to cease and desist have proven futile. There’s no such thing as too much of this woman; you want her there when you’re happy, sad, tired, sick. You know practically all there is to know about her, and most of it is pretty great.

Yep, it’s official. You, my friend, are in love.


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Article by eHarmony
Republished from Yourtango.com with permission
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8 Signs She's The One For You

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