8 Positive Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People

positive comebacks for dealing with rude people

5. You Always Have To Be So Negative, Don’t You?

By saying this you shift the attention from yourself to the person who is being rude to you. This makes that person contemplate on their choice of words and they start to question their own behavior. By shifting the spotlight on them, you are holding them accountable for their actions and words.

Moreover, you might even make the person realize their misconduct and impart a sense of regret in them so that they avoid committing such mistakes in the future. This one simple sentence has the capacity to change a rude person and their attitude.

6. Just Laugh.

A little laughter will catch the other person off-guard as laughter is definitely not something that one would expect as a reaction to a rude comment. Not only does it make a situation a little less somber it also makes the rude person feel embarrassed.

The only motive of rude people is to humiliate others and make them feel bad about themselves. So when they get laughter, instead of tears and anger, they realize that the other person is not that easy to rattle, and very soon they give up on their toxic shenanigans.

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7. I Love Myself And Love You As Well.

This technique of dealing with rude people should be used with discretion. While it is usually not advisable to use it against your boss, it is very effective when it comes to friends or family. As people aren’t used to expressing such raw emotions, it would confuse them before they can say anything further.

Besides, you would dampen their hostility with your warmth and they’d not be able to think of a proper response, and might even feel guilty and ashamed of their negative actions.

8. I Appreciate Your Opinion.

This indicates that you are not ready to stoop down to the level of the other person. When rudeness meets rudeness in the reaction it usually results in bitterness and arguments.

While if you retort with something like this, it would let you continue the conversation with dignity and also imply that even if you do not agree with their perspective, they are entitled to their opinions, and you don’t care.

How you’d react to a particular situation solely depends on how you choose to. So, why indulge in an endless exchange of negativity by taking other people’s misconduct personally? You can always choose happiness, dignity, and your own mental peace.

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8 Positive Comebacks For Dealing With The Rude People Around You2
Positive Comebacks Dealing With Rude People Pin
8 Positive Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People
positive comebacks for dealing with rude people pinop
8 Positive Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People
positive comebacks for dealing with rude people pin
8 Positive Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People
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