8 Paradoxes of An INFJ Personality Type That Makes Them The Most Misunderstood People On Earth

March 28, 2018

5. I’m both good and bad at communication

INFJs tend to be harum-scarum people with regard to their thoughts and talking to them can be difficult because they don’t seem to make sense a lot of the time. Their brain is like a PC that can’t function at full capacity because there are just too many tasks going on at the same time. I can be a very good public speaker but only if I’ve had the time to go over what I want to say. I need some time to put my ideas in order and if I get that space, I can draw the crowd’s attention easily. I’ve done well in debates and elocution contests as well as in plays. I may be reserved but I’m also confident.

6. I am a champion for those around me

INFJs love to champion social causes and work to make things right on a large scale. Inherently altruistic, they fight in a variety of ways to make the lives of others better. I might not be particularly brave or strong but if someone needs me, I’ll do my best to be their knight in shining armor, ready to take down whatever is causing them pain. But there is a drawback here because I cannot muster up that same courage when someone hurts me. Like most INFJS, I can be a pushover when it comes to me but I cannot stand seeing that happen to other people.

7. I expect perfection but I tend to ignore tiny details while looking at the larger perspective

My intuitive abilities are strong to the point where they sometimes scare me with their accuracy. But they don’t really tell me how I learned that answer I gave. I can’t ever prove why something I said would happen did happen. I just knew. It’s almost like magic. I just go with my gut.  As an INFJ, I also look at the larger perspective but because of this, I miss out on the smaller issues. But I also look for perfection in everything I do. When I enter into something, I give it my all.

8. I am a worker and a dreamer

I’ve always been a little dreamy. People think I’m floating around somewhere in my own mind but what they don’t realize is that INFJs might be up in the air, but they are more than capable of seeing those visions turn into reality.  INFJs set very high standards for their own selves. If they want to achieve a goal, they’ll go for it with all their might. They are extremely organized and they will have a detailed blueprint which tells them how to fulfill their ambitions.

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  • To me, this all feels like the diagnostic of my borderline-sydrome in the year 2006.
    What does INFJ mean? Is this marked as a disorder or disfunction or is this like personality? I don't know, if I have questioned the right way-if not, so I hope, that you know what I mean :)
    english isn't my native language.

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