8 Beautiful Life Lessons You Can Learn From One Sided Love

6) Be Your authentic self

We are here for a very short time and we spend most of our lives behind filters and conditionings. We trade our childlike wonder and authenticity and wear masks to fit in and to get validation.

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But we miss out on the beauty of sunsets, the magical aroma of coffee, the pitter patter of raindrops, the wisdom of books and the little secrets that life unfolds every moment if we lose our sense of wonder.

And even if someone loves you for the image you project, what’s the use if you lose touch with your natural and authentic self in the process?

Be childlike, keep your sense of wonder, be who you are and the right people will come and stay in your life.


7) It makes you wise and gives you depth

The pain that comes with the heartache gives you an opportunity to contemplate and reflect on what is important in life, what your priorities are, what your life values are, where you should devote your time and energy?

Any experience of loss or pain that you endure in life gives you humility and depth. It gives you an ability to empathize with others in pain.

“A Soul that carries empathy is a soul that has survived enormous pain.” – Carlos Medina

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8) You don’t need to go looking for love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
― Rumi

The biggest lesson that one-sided love teaches you is that you cannot go out looking for love.

You can only remove the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. You can make yourself ready and receptive to love so that you can accept it with an open heart whenever it arrives in your life.

Love cannot be forced.

Never Get Too Attached To Anyone

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8 Beautiful Life Lessons You Can Learn From One Sided Love


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