7 wonders of losing yourself to Books

7 wonders of losing yourself to Books

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book.”J.K. Rowling

Good Books are meant for good impressions. Reading brings in joy, happiness and a positive change in one’s lives, and is a great source of self-development.

Some of the wonders of losing yourself to books are-


Generally, we sit and read. When we are in a position of still, our body does not carry any special movements and is at rest. This posture calms down our breathing and we imagine ourselves in a whole new world. While we are reading we completely get relaxed and lost ourselves in the books, and this way our stress level decreases.

Wider Imagination:

When we read we open ourselves to a whole new world, and this way one gets to learn about unknown places and thoughts. A book on spirituality widens our imagination and introduces us to the things which we never thought of. When we read, not only our knowledge expands but our imagination also widens.

Advances the vocabulary:

It has been proven that the person who reads ultimately tends to have a richer vocabulary, and the knowledge also widens as you get to catch new words. Reading helps you get exposure to good words and enhances your communication, both reading and writing skills. And better vocabulary is illustrated in your communication.

Infuses new ideas:

Reading cleanses our mind and encourages us to think. While we read, our brain functions the most and this is also the source of brain development. A spiritual awakening book gives us new perspectives by letting us know the value of the human soul and its existence. Sometimes, we get so lost that we start framing the content we read and welcome new ideas and inspirations.

Enhances the knowledge:

It is essential to be up to date with what is going around. It is not only about reading books, but a simple read can also make a difference. Reading brings home a good amount of knowledge. And, it is best to share what we read.

Raises focus and concentration:

As mentioned earlier, we generally sit and read, and when we read longer we get more concentrated. Reading offers various benefits by improving the focus, concentration and memory. As reading requires proper time and understanding, ultimately our focus also increases. Reading books on spirituality offers us the opportunity to rethink or reflect on the content we read. This way our memory skills also sharpen.

– The smarter us:

No wonders, books are the treasure pile of data and knowledge. Reading makes us intelligent and improves the functioning of the brain. Reading enhances our vocabulary and communication, and we get a chance to interact with various new topics. So it is good enough to say that reading makes us smarter.

So, these are the wonders of reading books. Go grab a book, and start reading.

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