7 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Partner


Positivity – When spending quality time, express your feelings, happiness, and pleasure.

Understanding – Do your best to listen, forgive, apologize, and avoid judgment.

Giving assurance – Discuss future; remind your spouse what he/she means to you.

Self-disclosing – Express your feeling and give your partner an open space to do the same.

Openness – Tell your partner what you need or want in your relationship.

Sharing tasks – Share all responsibilities (family, household, relationship) equally.  

Involve networks – Spend time with your spouse’s family and friends.


3. Express your feelings and gratitude

You are a human being with lots of emotions. Of course, you have the right to be angry, mad, frustrated, or sad and you also have the right to express your true feelings. Say all those kind words, as your partner might want to hear them. But, at the same time, you have to control your emotions, too. No matter how you feel, try not to take your frustration out on your spouse. No matter how angry or sad you are, you shouldn’t put up your significant other with your insufferable behavior. Do you express your gratitude? Feeling grateful is one thing, but expressing your gratitude to your partner is another. Sharing your feeling of gratitude is positively linked to a healthier relationship. Always be kind and generous to your partner. Show him how happy you are to have him.  


4. Keep a check on your ego

Well, you also need to focus on humility to improve your relationship with your partner. Humility is identified as the most important ingredient for a successful relationship. It also improves one’s relationship by adding an element of forgiveness, which is, no doubt, a powerful tool for a prosperous relationship. You can evaluate yourself by simply asking for feedback from your spouse. You can even check if they are being true by monitoring their relationship perspective shared with their close friends and fellows. But, never, ever try to keep a check on them using spyware programs that many couples have started using these days.

“Humility creates more oxygen in the room. It allows for others to participate and come together and make a change. If you think you already know everything or act like you do, other people will check out, and things won’t get done as quickly or as well,” said Paul Shoemaker.

You can do these six things to be more humble:

  • Ask for feedback from your partner
  • Face your pride
  • Start with a question instead of a solution
  • Listen carefully
  • Accept setbacks
  • Take notice and express gratitude


5. Be inquisitive about your partner’s viewpoint

When you are feeling rebuked or scrutinized, this step is easier said than done. However, if you want to improve your relationship with your partner, one of the best things to do in such circumstances is to be inquisitive about the perspective of your partner. This act can positively help you in de-escalating the rising stress and stiffness between you two.

In this way, you can learn new things about your partner and converge your conversation in a positive resolution. It doesn’t mean you just have to agree with your partner’s perspective, rather, you can be curious how their view is different from yours. You can practice this next time you have a heated discussion and see how things will change.