7 Tips For Living A Happy Life


Think of what you can do to help avert such occurrences in the future, whether in your life or the lives of others.

Simply look for ways to turn the knowledge of past events into something positive in the moment.


4) Live in the moment

Do you ever want something to happen so bad that it hurts? Well, that’s because you try to live in the future.

You feel (maybe subconsciously) that next week you will be happy.

Next week after you have paid the house rent, and settle your school fee.

What you don’t realize is that next week is not yet here, and a lot can change before then. What you have is NOW, and that’s all you have for now. You either choose to be happy or spend it worrying. The choice is entirely yours.

Listen, if you watch carefully you will see that tomorrow will never come.

Every ‘tomorrow’ is today in waiting, and the next moment is NOW in the making.

Don’t feel you are not allowed to be happy yet because of what your brain thinks about the future, or what current situations dictate to you.

The truth is that we don’t even know how much time we have left to live. Life is not about waiting for ‘tomorrow’ or ‘someday’.  It is about enjoying the unique experience we have right now, whether it’s fascinating or frightening. Life is an adventure, enjoy it.


5) Choose your words carefully

Words are expressions of our thoughts, a sort of representation of our being. What you say says a lot about you.

Words bring to life corresponding responses and actions from those we converse with.

They can sustain or destroy relationships, making us happy or sad.

People will act towards you differently depending on what you say, especially what you say repeatedly.

Their actions may not be what you expect but are nonetheless appropriate responses for what you portray.

What you say about others can equally block your happiness. Don’t ever engage in talks that are harmful to people – it would likely hurt you.

To begin with, you may have to feel remorse after you indulge in gossip. Words are things; they will surely hunt you, sometimes in different energy forms. Don’t be careless with your words or they may rob you of your happiness.


6) Watch your feelings and actions

The outside world and how we feel about it is a reflection of us. As painful as it may sound if you are in a bad place, it can be empowering.

You have the opportunity to respond uniquely.

Let’s say you are unhappy in your relationship. A shift from annoyance to gratitude can make a great difference. Move from the negatives and focus on the good times and pleasant memories.

No outside situation even needs to change to bring you the comforting benefit of gratitude. With time, as your inside world heals, the outside world looks friendlier.

You have control over how you feel then you can imagine, and clearly over how you act and respond.