7 Tips For Living A Happy Life

Tips For Living A Happy Life

What you say about others can equally block your happiness. Don’t ever engage in talks that are harmful to people – it would likely hurt you.

To begin with, you may have to feel remorse after you indulge in gossip. Words are things; they will surely hunt you, sometimes in different energy forms. Don’t be careless with your words or they may rob you of your happiness.

6. Watch your feelings and actions

The outside world and how we feel about it is a reflection of us. As painful as it may sound if you are in a bad place, it can be empowering. You have the opportunity to respond uniquely.

Let’s say you are unhappy in your relationship. A shift from annoyance to gratitude can make a great difference. Move from the negatives and focus on the good times and pleasant memories. No outside situation even needs to change to bring you the comforting benefit of gratitude. With time, as your inside world heals, the outside world looks friendlier.

You have more control over how you feel than you can imagine, and clearly over how you act and respond.

Feel good, and feel happy. Act rightly, and be happy. With the right response, you can quickly engulf a sad occasion with an atmosphere of bliss. Take charge of your feelings, actions, and response, and you will realize that you can be happy all the time. Always remember that for every action there is going to likely be a corresponding reaction.

7. Accept Failure

Listen, if it has already happened, accept it! Some things happen independently of what we think, say, or do. Embrace everything and move on.

Every process you initiate in response should be for a different course, and not to change the current situation. I particularly like this quote from Winston Churchill, “if you are passing through hell, keep going”. Yes, keep going without stopping to think about the disgusting state of the current situation. Bear in mind that you are only passing through it, soon you will be out of it.

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If you look rightly, you may even find empowerment in that hell of a situation; a force to propel you to your destination faster. Finally, see happiness as a choice. One you really have to make irrespective of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Choose to be happy. Be happy!

by John Vadenport

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7 Tips For Living A Happy Life
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