7 Things All Men Need To Feel Connected In Love

All Men Need To Feel Connected In Love

4. Understanding

Men are different than women. Period. I think we all know that by now.

But do we really get that?

Women complain about how much men work but fail to understand that often a man is fulfilling his life’s purpose through his work or providing for his family, which is often his way of showing love.

It is easier for women to understand this need when you can communicate how important your work is, not only to you as a confident, contributing member of society, but as a part of the partnership and the future you are building together.

If she understands the meaning of your work, she will naturally be more understanding.

5. Sex

Women feel the love in the emotional realm. Men feel love in the physical realm. Having sex twice a month does not cut it. Nor does “just showing up.”

Men want to feel connected and sex is the primary way they experience that. Help your partner to understand this by talking with her about how you feel connected and loved when you have sex.

Show her lots of non-sexual physical love as well by hugging her often or just reaching out and holding her hand.

6. Connection with their kids

Women have traditionally been the primary caregiver of children and for the most part still, carry a lot of the weight when caring for children.

However, what often happens is women brush off men’s attempts to help because they feel they can do it better. Don’t allow her to ‘sit you on the bench” when it comes to the kids.

Let her know she deserves some time alone or time with her friends because she works so hard, and create a space for you to connect with the kids.

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