The Death of Love: The 7 Stages of Couple Separation

The 7 Stages of Couple Separation

And to start rekindling your relationship, you need to start by healing yourself. Here’s how you can start healing your broken heart after a separation:

Love doesn’t die in a day. It usually occurs after months of turmoil, anxiety and tension which leads to a situation where separation seems like the best option. However, if you are willing to take chances and make things work, you can still save your relationship. If you don’t wish to fall apart and lose your partner, if your relationship is important to you, then by understanding and accepting your partner you can rekindle the love.

When both partners are committed to learning how to fight and love better, they can save their relationship.

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Kyle Benson

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  3. This insight comes from Dr. Gottman’s research on physiology and marriages. 
  4. This insight comes from Dr. Gottman’s research on physiology and conflict. 
  5. Having an affair to change your relationship is not healthy. If you want to save your marriage, seek help from a trained therapist. The damaging impact of affairs is not worth the moments of connection. Be brave and try to reconnect with your partner.

Written by Kyle Benson
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the 7 stages of couple separation
7 stages of couple separation

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