The 7 Soul Groups In Our Life and The Purpose Each Serves

Soul Groups In Our Life and The Purpose Each Serves

6. The Twin Flame

Not all of our energy enters into our bodies the moment we come to Earth. The rest of it can either stay in the higher realms or enter into another body.

Having two bodies with the same soul energy is what’s referred to as a Twin Flame.

Most souls have parts of their energy remain in the higher realms, thus it’s rare for one to have a Twin Flame on Earth. It takes a lot of hard work for a soul to reincarnate in two bodies.

Consequently, this experience could only happen to advanced souls who need to learn lessons quickly.

During their time on Earth, Twin Flames often find each other, but their connection is not merely romantic as what is popularly believed. Their connection is for a higher cause which involves imparting knowledge and wisdom.

Initially, their meeting is characterized by intense emotions, but as they loosen up, they soon start to recognize the purpose of their connection and that is fulfilling their mission which is designed only for the two of them to accomplish.

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7. Personal Soul Group

This group consists of everything you make a part of your world. The members are usually people you’ve consciously filtered out.

We are all a part of each other’s worlds to an extent. There are people who you’ve made to be a part of your world because you recognized a part of yourself in them.

Or, they might be someone you’ve chosen to make your company. For whatever the reason they are souls you’ve let into your world.

The members don’t need to be people necessarily. A lot of members of the Personal Soul Group are pets people choose to take care of.

The members of this group are a mix of all the other groups, however, they are a part of this group because you’ve decided to let them be a part of your world. They are there because of your free will.

Children are a part of this group as well.

So, there you have it. These are all the 7 soul groups that exist on this Earth. Let us know in the comments below which you think is the apt soul group for you!

If you want to know more about the 7 soul groups, then check out this video below:

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