7 Signs You Know Someone From A Past Life

Have You Met This Person Before?

 June 15, 2018

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7 Signs You Know Someone From A Past Life


4. Meet under ‘Karmic’ circumstances

Nothing is normal when you meet someone you already know from a past life. At the same time, everything feels that this is how it was meant to be. This person is a carrier of arcane wisdom. Your Past life is here to remind you things you might have forgotten.

This person might come into your life unexpectedly, in a chat room, after a car accident, or while being in a hospital etc. Pay attention to the scenery. It may has to tell you a lot about why this person came again.


5. Overwhelming Emotions

Throughout your past lives, you come across several experiences which bonded you with this person. A classic Sign You Know Someone From A Past Life, is that you find yourself getting hit by a tidal wave of emotions. Have you felt it? You really can’t explain it. It’s not that you are into him/her… it’s just… karmic!

You may be miles apart but you still feel connected. Or you may have never had the chance to meet this person yet you already feel so much, instantly, like something inside has wakened up.


6. Weird things Happening When together

This may seem a bit far-fetched but it’s true, especially when it comes to natural phenomena. Have you noticed that when together with the sun always shines, or it’s always windy or raining? Pay attention to signs and omens from nature. Does a crow always follow you? Do you keep on watching roses together or butterflies hanging around you?


7. Times Goes Crazy when together

Do conversations feel like you’ve entered a time loop? Or maybe do you lose track of time? When together you sense that time is so relative. You can’t believe that it get’s dark so quickly or that you’ve got hundreds of unanswered phone-calls because you’ve silenced your cell phone and people started to worry.


Especially when you are around this person, time flows in a rather magical way defying your control.

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7 Signs You Know Someone From A Past Life



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