7 Signs The Universe Is Guiding You To Your Destiny

 February 23, 2019

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7 Signs The Universe Is Guiding You To Your Destiny


5. Your sensitive energies start to increase

Your intuitions start getting higher than usual. You are aligned with the universe and as a result, you will have a lot of vibrational influx. The vibrations of others will start to come in contact with you and you will intentionally be in the specific place you want to be. Maybe, you will probably not be in a pub during this period, because of all the negative vibrations that can come your way. This will be your own choice though. Affirm: “I have become intuitive and it will now serve me in most of my situations.”


6. You are full of joy

Everything around you seems to have a life of its own. When the sunlight falls on you, you can feel the energy in it. The cool wind brings a new life into you. There is nothing present that can really put you down. The world is almost conspiring to make you feel happy. There’s a joy in the air that you can’t really point out but it is there. But the most important thing about all of it is that you appreciate the energy. It helps you grow and be one with the optimistic energy of the earth and that is just beautiful. And you know it. If you are feeling this way, then tweet out an affirmation and share it with the world: “I thank the cosmos for everything.”


7. Be open to the universe with an intent

While it’s ok to be open to the universe, just make sure that you don’t end up being lost again. So, you have to carry an intent as well when you are becoming this open to the universe. Something magical is going to take place but you should make sure that the magic does not fade out. You should direct it towards the right path so that you can make a difference in your world. Make a motion to make your dreams come true. Let it happen. Because the universe is with you.


Be ready to accept the energy of the universe. The universe speaks for you and is standing beside you. It gives a lot of signs to show that it is with you. What more do you need? Now, it’s not the time to resist. Just live your life and make it happen. While you are being aligned with the universe, you can also try the Ancient Manifesting Ritual to spark a deeper connection. Let the energies of the cosmos direct you to your dreams and make everything happen. All you need to do is trust it a bit and trust yourself a bit. And you can do wonders, surely!

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7 Signs The Universe Is Guiding You To Your Destiny

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