7 Signs Of A Dysfunctional Relationship You Must Look Out For

7 Signs Of A Dysfunctional Relationship You Must Look Out For

Ask yourself why you are unhappy with your relationship? What has shifted the vibe of the relationship? Why do you constantly feel disappointed and let down by your partner? When your partner fails to meet your emotional and psychological needs, then you will start feeling bogged down emotionally. Being in a constant state of unhappiness will not only create cracks in your relationship and take you further away from your partner, it will also affect your self image and self esteem as well.


Apart from these, there are some other common signs of a dysfunctional relationship, including – 

  • You feel emotionally disconnected from your partner
  • You feel hopeless
  • You don’t get enough alone time
  • You question your relationship continuously
  • Your partner is not concerned about your needs
  • You’re responsible for your partner’s happiness
  • You constantly doubt your behavior and actions
  • Your partner criticizes you regularly
  • You need your partner’s consent to meet someone or do something
  • You have to defend your partner around your family & friends
  • You live in insecurity and uncertainty 
  • Your partner frequently threatens to abandon or leave you
  • Your partner has a sense of ownership over you
  • Your relationship has no clear personal boundaries 
  • Your partner keeps you isolated from your friends and family
  • Your partner uses abusive behavior and language leading to domestic violence


Are you in a dysfunctional relationship?



Every romantic relationship is full of challenges and we try our best to overcome it by avoiding conflict, resentment or emotional disconnection. However, if both partners make compromises and sacrifices equally and try to understand each other and practice good and open communication, a healthy, loving relationship can last a lifetime.

However, if you are in a dysfunctional relationship, you will find the difficulties and conflicts growing with each passing day despite your best efforts. When we are invested in an unhealthy relationship, we often resort to toxic strategies to either hold on to the relationship or to protect ourselves. But all this can only make things worse for both you and your partner.


Relationship therapist Dr. Deborah Hecker explains “In order for a toxic relationship to heal, each party must be willing to take full ownership of their contribution to the dysfunction.” However, if your partner is not willing to own up to their faults and if you feel that your relationship is beyond repair, then it just might be better to walk away.

Deborah concludes “If you find yourself trapped in a damaging relationship in which your partner is unwilling to claim their role in it and continues to use toxic weapons such as intimidation, guilt, shame, withholding affection….look for the exit door. No matter how much you think you can change your partner for the better, you simply cannot.

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Here is an interesting video that you may find helpful:

7 Signs Of A Dysfunctional Relationship You Must Look Out For

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