6 Signs Of A Hypocrite And The People They Target


2. They are inherently good and harmless people.

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Such people highly respect rules and ethics and always try to abide by them. They hardly get into trouble and are the best example of being “safe”. Whenever you are with them, be rest assured that you will be taken care of and you won’t fall into any kind of sticky situation.

It’s the hardest thing in the world to go on being aware of someone else’s pain.” ― Pat Barker

3. It Is Always My Fault.

A classic trait of empaths is believing that it is always their fault, no matter what. Even if they have done nothing wrong, somehow hypocrites will make them believe that they are in the negative. Exploiting this weak point is what hypocrites do best.


5. Despite being a victim, they choose to believe that they are not.

Survivors remain largely silent after abuse, anonymously seeking out help for the nightmare they experienced. Ironically, a hypocrite will scream that you’re a perpetual victim for trying to quietly recover from the hell they put you through, which is also known as victim-blaming. Despite doing a ton of wrong things, a hypocrite will never apologize, whereas an empath will do so without even being a tiny bit guilty!


6. Compromising is like second nature to them.

Ideal targets will try to make things right by compromising and adjusting, even if they do not need to. Since they see everything from an emotional standpoint, they choose to ignore the warning signs and solely focus on making their loved ones happy.

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When a hypocrite and an empath come together, it is a recipe for disaster.

Hypocrites walk away scot-free but when it comes to the empaths, they are left with their spirit and confidence broken. Additionally, hypocrites also leave them with a lot of mental scars and painful memories.

“The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy.” –  William Hazlitt

Worrying about your own good nature is actually the first sign that everything is going to be just fine. You see, worry is proof of a conscience—something pathological hypocrites don’t have.

From your own experience, do you have any examples of hypocrisy?

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These Are The 7 Signs Of A Hypocrite And The People They Target
Signs Of A Hypocrite And The People They Target

6 Signs Of A Hypocrite And The People They Target
6 Signs Of A Hypocrite And The People They Target

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