These Are The 7 Signs Of A Hypocrite And The People They Target

 January 31, 2017

These Are The 7 Signs Of A Hypocrite And The People They Target


5) The Perpetual Victim.

Their bad behavior always has sob-story roots. They learned to lie because of their abusive ex, or their abusive parent. They hate drama; all they’ve ever wanted is some peace & quiet, and yet they provoke more drama than anyone you’ve ever known. They declare their hatred of negativity, all the while calling you “hysterical” to anyone who will listen, even when you are completely ignoring them.


6) Condescending, Patronizing, And Superior.

You feel like a child being reprimanded by an adult. They speak down to you as if you are intellectually deficient and emotionally unstable. They laugh when you try to express yourself, dismissing any concerns you might have as hyper-sensitive and crazy.


7) Lies & Excuses.

Hypocrites have excuses for everything. You will find that they spend a lot more time excusing their behavior than ever actually improving it. Instead of apologizing or admitting fault, they simply ignore reality & argue with solid evidence when confronted with it. Survivors also often notice that psychopaths seem to enjoy the thrill of lying. Sometimes it seems they’ve planted evidence that actually allows you to catch them. They lie even when the truth would suffice. Why? Because duping others is what they do. It is the only highlight of their otherwise insufferably boring lives. (Pathological lying)​

On the other end of the spectrum, here is their ideal target in relationships, the workplace, and government:

1) Actions Over Words.

Healthy, humble individuals do not constantly talk about the good things they have done, because it would be arrogant and uncomfortable. Instead, they prove it with their actions, which are intentionally ignored by hypocrites who can simply invent fake virtues with fake words.


2) The Rules Apply To Me, But I Feel Bad For Judging Others.

Ideal targets have always paid strong attention to rules and ethics. They are terrified of getting in trouble at school, or breaking the law, or hurting a romantic partner. They have been trained well, and they want to see the same good in others.


3) It Is Always My Fault.

Instead of blaming others for their problems, they tend to blame themselves for everything. Even the slightest suggestion that they’ve done something wrong will lead to long periods of introspection and self-doubt. They will rewrite reality in order to absorb the flaws of others.


4) Anyone Who Points Out My Wrongdoings Might Be Right, Even If I Don’t Remember Doing That.

Always willing to talk about concerns that others might have about them, and will work extremely hard to ensure they do not upset anyone else that way in the future. Willing to accept fault for something they didn’t actually do, if it means keeping the harmony.


5) I never want to be the victim, even when I have been harmed.

Survivors remain largely silent after abuse, anonymously seeking out help for the nightmare they experienced. Ironically, a hypocrite will scream that you’re a perpetual victim for trying to quietly recover from the hell they put you through. (Victim blaming)

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